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Book cover designer

Best selling book cover designer for indie authors, with premade and custom cover designs
in romantic fantasy, epic fantasy, urban fantasy, retellings, historical, regency,
science fiction, paranormal, dystopian and more.

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A Curse of Roses Ebook_edited.jpg
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Realm of Lore and Lies Ebook.jpg
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MORTAL SWORD Ebook_Tairelei.jpg
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Waterfall cover by Tairelei

Book cover designer

for indie authors, with premade and custom cover designs
in epic fantasy, urban fantasy, fantasy romance, retellings,
science fiction, paranormal and dystopian.

How it Works

Concept and collaboration.

Creating the perfect cover comes by determining the best style that is suited to your story and conjuring up themes for the design that will draw in the reader. Once you have an idea of what you would like to portray on the cover we can begin. A custom order form can be filled out here, with all the necessary information that I will need to begin the project.  It is important to complete the design brief as clearly and with as much information as possible for you get the cover you are looking for! Once all of the information is provided we will schedule at the nearest available date possible. If you are comfortable to proceed I will send an invoice via PayPal with the minimum non-refundable deposit ($50) to be paid from the full amount for the book cover work.

Drafts and Revisions

You will receive the first draft within a day or two. This is a rough mockup of the idea which does not include any blending or purchased stocks. You decide if it is going to work for you. If you need any imagery changed, this is the perfect time to let me know. Once you confirm I will begin work on the idea. I will license the stocks we agreed upon and compose the artwork. I offer 3 revision rounds free, thereafter any additional revisions will be charged at my hourly rate. The revisions will be sent to you as soon as possible within 24 hours depending on time zone difference. Once you are happy with the ebook design, I will work on any other add-ons you may have requested. My turn around time for completed artwork is about a week depending on the complexity of the work. 


Upon completion and approval of the files I will send the final invoice via PayPal. Once the invoice is paid in full I will send the high resolution files via the email address you have provided.


Please note due to the licensing of third party stocks etc. I do not send through the editable PSD files.


Ilunas Song Part Two2 cover by Tairelei_edited_edited.jpg
Tairelei has created book covers for me in a range of sub-genres including epic fantasy, paranormal and Young Adult. She works tirelessly to achieve the author’s requirements, but also brings her own creative ideas and suggestions to the cover art to make it as visually appealing, genre specific and market-ready as possible. Tairelei communicates regularly to update on progress and her work is timely, professional and affordable. I highly recommend Tairelei’s cover design service.
- Aderyn Wood
I spent ages searching for an artist to work with for my book covers. I wanted something that matched the trend in the genre I write in, but something that was also different than what I’d seen before. The moment I saw a sample of Taire’s work, I hunted her down. I knew immediately I wanted to work with her. She was so professional through the entire process and she worked extra hard for me to make sure my covers were exactly what I wanted. I can’t imagine ever working with someone else now that I’ve been spoiled by her talent and professionalism. She can make a vision come to life and her style is beautiful with tack-sharp images and the most beautiful colors. I highly recommend her to every single person I come across because she’s SO incredibly talented.
-Miranda Lyn.
A true artist. I looked everywhere for the right one, I looked through many sites and I came upon Tairelei's work. I am amazed by her creativity, I just knew it was the cover I was looking for. She's fast and reliable, and quick into making any changes. She had affordable prices making it even better. As a new writer, she helped me through the process and helping me find connections. Great customer service, 100% recommend and would come again for my next book.
- A. J Lopez.
I spent some time trying to find the perfect covers for my stories. I jumped from premade to premade, never quite knowing what would be my best fit. Then I met Taire. She has created covers for me in a range of genres including epic and urban fantasy, romance, and Sci-Fi. She is always willing to listen to my ideas, but also brings her own creativity with suggestions to the art. She is truly a master of creating something that is genre specific and ready to go out to the world. I highly recommend Taire’s cover design service.
Joe Quackenboss.
MAYA Ebook.jpg
For the cover of my first book, I wanted a specific scene that I had in mind. I searched through the internet and stumbled upon Tairelei in a facebook group. Her portfolio looked nice so I just went with her and hoped for the best. I was not disappointed. I just love what she did for me! She perfectly captured the atmosphere for my dark fantasy debut with a sci-fi twist. I highly recommend her. She is very talented, quick, kind and supportive, and almost too affordable for this kind of professional work.
- Thilo Nemitz.
Brilliant! Working with Tairelei was like taking a ride on the one stop genius train. I was stuck on a loop for my series and a design was done that stands out. So easy to work with and fast. If you’re looking for a cover artist with a vision, talent, and one that generally cares (Plus will work with your budget) look no further than Tairelei.
- Jaqueline Druga

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