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So you have successfully finished your book and just checked off one of the most important aspects of your journey to publishing your amazing story. But what about the cover? The cover is the first thing people see, and who doesn't love a beautiful, eye catching cover that entices you to open to the first page?
If you have a vision,
I have the soul.
I'll do everything I can to bring your ideas to life.
Are you ready?
Then let's go on an adventure! 
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Tairelei Cover Design

- Testimonials -

Tairelei has created book covers for me in a range of sub-genres including epic fantasy, paranormal and Young Adult. She works tirelessly to achieve the author’s requirements, but also brings her own creative ideas and suggestions to the cover art to make it as visually appealing, genre specific and market-ready as possible. Tairelei communicates regularly to update on progress and her work is timely, professional and affordable. I highly recommend Tairelei’s cover design service.

Aderyn Wood

I spent ages searching for an artist to work with for my book covers. I wanted something that matched the trend in the genre I write in, but something that was also different than what I’d seen before. The moment I saw a sample of Taire’s work, I hunted her down. I knew immediately I wanted to work with her. She was so professional through the entire process and she worked extra hard for me to make sure my covers were exactly what I wanted. I can’t imagine ever working with someone else now that I’ve been spoiled by her talent and professionalism. She can make a vision come to life and her style is beautiful with tack-sharp images and the most beautiful colors. I highly recommend her to every single person I come across because she’s SO incredibly talented.

-Miranda Lyn.

A true artist. Looking everywhere for the right one. Looking through many sites, I came upon Tairelei's cover. Amazed by the creativity, It was the one I was looking for. Fast and reliable. She was quick into making any changes. She had affordable prices making it even better. As a new writer, she helped me through the process and helping me find connections. Great customer service, 100% recommend and would come again for my next book.

A. J Lopez.

I spent some time trying to find the perfect covers for my stories. I jumped from premade to premade, never quite knowing what would be my best fit. Then I met Taire. She has created covers for me in a range of genres including epic and urban fantasy, romance, and Sci-Fi. She is always willing to listen to my ideas, but also brings her own creativity with suggestions to the art. She is truly a master of creating something that is genre specific and ready to go out to the world. I highly recommend Taire’s cover design service.

Joe Quackenboss.

For the cover of my first book, I wanted a specific scene that I had in mind. I searched through the internet and stumbled upon Tairelei in a facebook group. Her portfolio looked nice so I just went with her and hoped for the best. I was not disappointed. I just love what she did for me! She perfectly captured the atmosphere for my dark fantasy debut with a sci-fi twist. I highly recommend her. She is very talented, quick, kind and supportive, and almost too affordable for this kind of professional work.

Thilo Nemitz.

Brilliant! Working with Tairelei was like taking a ride on the one stop genius train. I was stuck on a loop for my series and a design was done that stands out. So easy to work with and fast. If you’re looking for a cover artist with a vision, talent, and one that generally cares (Plus will work with your budget) look no further than Tairelei.

Jaqueline Druga

About Tairelei


Taire's love for cover design comes from way back when she was just a little girl being an artist and avid reader. As she got older, her passion for art grew from strength to strength from testing waters across art styles. She discovered Photoshop in 2010, where she found her passion within digital art. After some time, she put her love for art and books together to bring stories to life, creating beautiful, vivid art pieces with themes such as; fantasy, dark, gothic, horror, romance, and sci-fi.

You can see more of my work at www.deviantart.com/tairelei



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