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How do I purchase your work?

If you are interested in an available premade cover you can contact me here
Please include the title of the cover you are interested in, your preferred title, your author name and any other supporting text you would like added to the cover.

What payment method do you offer?

Payments can be made through PayPal.

I like your work but I have not found what I am looking for?

If you enjoy my work but have not found exactly what you are looking in my premade cover section you can hire me to create a cover for you. (e-book & printed).  If you are interested in scheduling a custom cover please click here. alternatively you can contact me for more info

What is your turn around?

My turn around time is about a week depending on the complexity of the artwork.

What genre are you proficient in?

Young adult and all genres of fantasy but I am not limited to these themes. I have done works for other genres such as paranormal, dystopian, horror, sci-fi, romance, etc.

What is a custom premade?

A custom premade is a cover designed based on your genre, you let me know what kind of cover you want I will create a design based off of your idea. If you do not like the outcome, and decide that you do not want the item I will add the design to my premade shop.

* * * If you are interested in scheduling a custom premade cover please click here.

Do you do series continuations?

Yes I do. If you purchased a premade cover and need another book cover in the series the price of the Ebook deign is $250.

Do I own the rights to the stock images and completed artwork?

My package includes exclusive rights to the final cover. However, the copyright of the art remains with Tairelei. All stock imagery belongs to the third party stock holder.

What stock do you use?

Licensed material from DepositPhotos. For premades I use purchased stock from render artists and in rare on some of my old premades I use unrestricted and or purchased stock from deviant art where an artist allows stock to be used for commercial purposes. In these cases I have obtained explicit permission to use stock from these artists. Each site and stock provider has its rules for use in printed books and e-book covers.

Do I have to buy the stock images?

I mainly use DepositPhotos, if you want to use stock from another stock website, premium stock from independent sources then yes. You will have to purchase a high resolution version of the image you want incorporated and email it to me. I do not use images from Pixabay/Unsplash etc, as these are not legitimate stock sites. If you have your own high quality professional photos that you would like to incorporate you will need to send a signed release form stating that it is your own work and you have given me permission to use it within your cover design.

What happens when my book that features stock receives over 500 000 impressions?

When this happens you will need to purchase an extended license from the stock site.

© Tairelei
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